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How to Photograph and Stage Your Property

21st Oct 2019

Category: Property advice

Marketing photos are the first impression a prospective tenant will have of your property. Great pictures speak a thousand words and having professional quality photographs are an easy way to ensure you're getting lots of viewers through the door. If you don't have access to a DSLR or professional photographer, you can still take attractive photos by following our four simple steps below.

1) De-clutter:

Remove more than you think if the property is furnished or has possessions in. Try to look at your property dispassionately and with a critical eye, as you would if you were looking for somewhere to rent yourself. You want your property to appeal to as many people as possible, so having lots of personal items around is not a good idea. If something is not adding to the photo, it is probably detracting from it- so get rid of it!

2) Stage

With the above being said, tenants do want to be able to imagine themselves living somewhere, which some simple staging can help with. We find the most useful staging items to be:

- Neutral bedding (never photograph a mattress without bedding).

- Plants and fake plants

- A few 'lifestyle' items such as mugs, clocks, chopping boards, vases strategically placed!

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2) Taking Your Photo- Stand back:

It might seem obvious, but lots of people don’t get in as much of the room as they can. Basic digital cameras don’t have wide angle lenses, so it is important that you give yourself the best chance of making the room feel big!

3) Find the best lighting

This one is not completely straightforward, but the following principles apply:

• Avoid using the flash on the camera if you can help it.

• Turn lights on and open curtains and blinds to let in the most natural light possible.

• Shoot in the direction of the light – not towards it This applies to both inside and outside photos. Otherwise you can end up with under/over exposed photos.

• Outside shots are best on those lovely bright blue sky days, but inside shots are best on light but cloudy days. Bright light creates strong shadow which without good equipment can distract from a good photo.

4) Practice makes perfect:

You might not get them right first time around, but keep at it. Look at other good photos from hotels/other agents for ideas. Then try again!


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