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The Renter's Guide to Moving House

16th May 2019

Category: Property advice

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Moving house can be a stressful and busy time. With boxes to pack and plenty of logistics to be sorted, there's a lot to remember! When you’re renting there are a few extra things to consider which you should make sure not leave off your checklist.

  • If they have not provided instructions already, it is worth putting in a call to your landlord or letting agent to check whether they have any special instructions for returning keys and checking you out.
  • Revisit your initial inventory to check the condition you were handed your property in. This will be important when doing all your final bits of cleaning and repairing damages as the landlord may wish to make claims against your deposit otherwise.
  • After revisiting the inventory make sure that the property is left in as close a condition possible to the original inventory.
  • Clean thoroughly to a professional standard. When you carry out your clean don’t forget those hard to reach places which are easily forgotten, the oven and light fittings .
  • Put out bins for final collection.
  • Replace lightbulbs.
  • Ensure you have all the keys you were originally given.
  • Tell your service providers you are moving and take final meter readings.
  • Document the condition you left the property in, preferably with date and time stamped photos. This could be important later on if you are in dispute over your deposit.
  • Leave a forwarding address with your landlord or letting agent or re direct you post.

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