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What Are Renters Really Looking for in Their Property Search?

6th Feb 2019

Category: Property advice

Make your property stand out in a crowded market.

A recent study posted by Landlord Today predictably highlights affordability as the most important issue for tenants. It’s no surprise young renters prioritise affordability of their rented properties. The report also names outdoor space and parking as obvious draws. Most landlords are aware of these factors, so what else can you do to go the extra mile and make sure your property stands out?

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Move-In Ready:

It might sound obvious, but tenants need to see the property is well looked after, clean and ready to move in to. A house that’s dirty and dingy is the biggest turn off for potential tenants and will seriously harm your chances of obtaining market value rents. If you have current tenants living in your property encourage them to clean and tidy prior to viewings. Arrive early to ensure all the lights are turned on, curtains open and the property is looking its best.

Room to Make it Their Own:

It goes a really long way if tenants can envisage themselves living in the property and making it their own. If you’re undertaking any redecoration work make sure you choose neutral colours. It’s also important to consider clever storage and lighting solutions which can be a huge draw.

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Unsurprisingly, the report found the desired location varied depending on age, with young renters more likely to look for city centre living. There are city centre flats aplenty in Nottingham, but in such a diverse city it’s good to consider other options also. In a city like Nottingham, you are likely to be able to find a property to invest in that has a good balance of transport links, local amenities and schools. Different types of tenants will have different priorities when it comes to each and it's perfectly possible to find a property that could appeal to people in a variety of life stages.

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Quality Appliances:

Even if you’ve decided to let your property unfurnished, it’s a good idea to invest in some quality white goods. Most renters won’t own or want to invest in these big-ticket items. In our opinion, providing them is essential.

Knowing They’re in Safe Hands:

With plenty of anti-landlord rhetoric pushed by the government and media, it’s likely that first-time renters will come with preconceptions about what it’s like to deal with landlords and letting agents. For long-time renters, they may even come with their own negative previous experience. It’s essential to convey how much you value and care about your tenants. The best way to do this is… you guessed it, value and care about your tenants! Got a fantastic system for dealing with maintenance? Let them know about it! Got positive testimonials from previous tenants? Let the reviews speak for you (if a current tenant is in the property and can do this face to face- even better).

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