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The Tenant's Guide to Seasonal Maintenance: The Winter Edition

6th Dec 2018

Category: Property advice

Tagged:Maintenance, Tenant Tips

The winter brings with it a whole host of potential maintenance issues. Ensure you are doing everything you can to protect against cold weather!

  • Damp proofing: Regularly wipe away condensation as this can lead to damp and rot- especially around older style wooden window frames. Ensure you always have your extractor fans on in your bathroom and kitchen or leave a window temporarily ajar after showering or cooking to prevent moisture building up.
  • Boiler Problems: Every winter we have several calls a week regarding boilers not working correctly. It’s the worst position to be in on a cold winter’s night! Make sure you know how to work your boiler and how to carry out routine maintenance to ensure the problem can be fixed as quickly as possible. If you need some tips, read through our blog post ‘Boiler Problems during freezing temperatures’.
  • Protect Your Pipes: Take preventative action against heating problems and make sure you leave the heating on a constant temperature and regular timer. This will stop pipes from freezing and bursting- especially if you are going away over the festive period.
  • Ice Proofing: Ensure you are protected against any slippery situations by keeping a large bag of salt on stand by for freezing nights. It might also be useful to have a snow clearing plan!
  • Report Any Issues: The winter is when the majority of maintenance issues are likely to appear. Make sure you are vigilant in checking for leaks and damp and report these to your landlord or letting agent as soon as you notice them.

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