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Trent Bridge...it's not just for cricket fans.

2nd Sep 2016

Category: Nottingham General Interest

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We continue our visits to Nottingham's 10 Top Attractions, and today we visit Trent Bridge. It's clear from the off, that this is more than just cricket!

The night was Friday, the event was Nottingham vs Worcester, and the crowds were huge. Having never been to a 20/20 cricket match, I decided Trent Bridge was well overdue a visit.

For those not familiar with 20/20 cricket, it is the shortest (in time) format of cricket that is played. This means, it is often exciting as teams only have a short time to score runs and the game is played at a real pace.

Cricket 3

A evening event means that you need to sort out your tea. Unlike the most organised in the crowd who had picnics, we took advantage of the one of many food outlets for some delicious fish and chips. There was a vast array for food stalls catering for all tastes, but we opted for this traditional British Friday supper!

Despite the overcast outlook, the weather held out and treated the crowd with some dry cricketing conditions. Some parts of the seating is under cover, but other is open, so if in doubt, take your umbrella.

During the end of each over, music is played, flame throwers go off and the mascot dog runs around. It is more than just cricket and more like cricket with entertainment. It reminded me or being at an ice-hockey game.

It was something I was slightly hesitant about, however, it in now way detracted from the cricket action, and as soon as they were ready to resume, noise abated, and the serious cricket resumed. In the end, the balance between entertainment and professional sport was absolutely spot on, and at no time did it feel like one was compromised. The diversity within the crowd was testament to how far the sport has come - this is not just a sport for old men. It was engaging, exciting, and at times, even funny.

There is no doubt I'll be back again soon, and can see why this easily makes our Nottingham's top 10 list. Oh, and Notts won the game!

Tom Kite

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