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Take care as you Chuck out your tenants...

9th May 2012

Category: Opinion

East Londoners living in rented accommodation have been left feeling a bit nervous by reports that unscrupulous landlords have been evicting their tenants so that they can let their property for a super premium during the Olympic Games.

But help of the real avenging angel could soon be at hand. The Huffington Post ran a story tale complete with the information that Chuck Norris had taken up his very considerable arms on behalf of Statford's benighted tenantry.

The website quotes that the martial arts expert and star of such films as Delta Force, Missing in Action and Sons of Thunder as having warned: "We would advise landlords to look at their long term business plan as it is unlikely to make commercial sense when the risk associated with short lets and the cost of finding new reliable tenants is taken into account.  If a landlord has a good relationship with a tenant, we would not advise jeopardising the status quo for a quick gain."

Scary stuff - though it is some surprise that the Hollywood legend and kung fu master moonlights as a spokesman for Britain's National Landlord Association.

Sadly, tenants will have to deliver whatever right hooks are necessary themselves, the NLA's spokesman is in fact a misspelt "Norris" who, as far as we know, does not intend to blast landlords to kingdom come!

Source: http://standardonline.newspaperdirect.com/test/pressdisplay21test/viewer.aspx

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