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HMO Landlord fined, again....

13th Feb 2012

Category: Property headlines

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It always surprises me when landlords fall the wrong side of HMO legislation. If I was writing this in 2007 or 08, I would be far less surprised to be reading about a landlord falling foul of what is essentially a mass of rules and regulations.

However, this is old news.  Why and how are landlords still not licencing their properties?

The latest article to land on the doorstep is of Vishal Jain - a landlord in Tooting, south London to have an unlicenced 5 bedroom HMO (article can be found here).  Not only is the property unlicenced, but it has too few smoke alarms, and the escape route is not fire protected and as a result the landlord was taken to court and fined.

But how is this happening in 2012?  This legislative change was part of the housing act 2004 and the change was ushered in in April 2006.  Whilst there is a large amount of information to digest, and, the implementation of licencing rules does not always seem to be uniform, it still surprises me that there are HMO owners and managers that do not understand the licencing requirements.  Pleading ignorance will not work anymore!

Answer?  a) Go to a professional agent that has a track record of successfully managing HMOs and is preferably a member of ARLA, b) if you chose to go it alone, get up to date with the legislation!  

Now, without sounding like I am having a rant (OK, maybe a small one) I want to make it very clear that there are plenty of excellent private landlords (and agents) that know exactly what is required of them.  I guess like most things in life, it is often the small minority that spoil it for the vast majority who do play by the rules and yet are tarred with the same 'dodgy old landlord' brush!  We'll let you know what squeaky clean agents are doing to keep their reputations untarnished in a blog or two's time!

That is all!

Tom Kite

Comfort Partner

An experienced Nottingham Property Specialist and a Founding Partner of Comfort Lettings.

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